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Such insights indicate that payment teams have begun to own more customer
experience components and other functions are realising the importance of the last
mile in the purchase path. Organisations have begun relying more on the
knowledge of the payments team and data driven insights rather than
The shape of payments is changing fast. Ideas that surface on an almost daily
basis could have a lasting impact on how things are bought and sold online and
how they are paid for.
Payments Managers that we spoke to for this study keep themselves abreast of
the latest developments without jumping on to every technological bandwagon
and investing in every new idea and instead rst observing and analysing while
maintaining a pragmatic mind-set.
Payment methods, such as 1-click payments pioneered by Amazon, do not use
any new technology invented for the purpose but use what is available to make
the consumer experience simple and straight forward. Yet others such as the ride
hailing apps Uber and Gett, make payments a one-time set-up chore only.
A payment transaction does not necessarily require intervention by the buyer if
payment credentials and parameters are already securely stored with the online
business or the retailer’s payments partner. Payment takes place automatically.
These “invisible” payments are why people nd the experience of using
ride-hailing services the most appealing.
For those who would sacrice a little convenience to gain more security and peace
of mind, there are technical solutions available such as one-time-passwords and
two-factor authentication solutions that protect them and offer a safe and secure
payments environment.
The 7 Habits Of Successful “New” Payments Leaders
Best practices and insights by industry front runner


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