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A/B testing is a critical activity to the online businesses interviewed.
Experimentation with new features can offer clues about customer behaviour. But
to understand the impact of changes, Payments Teams rely heavily on A/B or split
testing, which is a way to understand customer responses to alternate versions of
a webpage to test the effectiveness of a specic modication by monitoring the
conversion rates of alternatives.
We don’t do anything
without A/B testing”
Thierry Locard
Offering new features can also result in surprising and often counter-intuitive
results which reveal valuable insights about customer behaviour.
Daniel Marovitz, Vice President at recalls
that when they began to offer customers two basic
payment options: pay now or pay later, contrary to
expectations, a sizeable minority of customers chose
the option to pay now. Intuitively, one would have
expected most customers to pay later to benet from
a period of free credit while still maintaining a
guaranteed reservation.
The 7 Habits Of Successful “New” Payments Leaders
Best practices and insights by industry front runner


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