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Global online businesses have to ensure payments are processed efciently across
the many markets where they sell their products. This requires local market
knowledge and working with payments processors with deep knowledge and
close experience of specic markets or regions to deliver optimal results.
(Our)Payments team
managed to maintain low
fraud rates while not impacting
sales negatively based on inputs
from local market experts.”
A fashion retailer Payment Manager
Merchant interviewees indicated that if a popular local payment method fails to
live up to expectations or creates signicant back-ofce support work such as
resolving disputes or preparing reconciliations, it is necessary to investigate
whether supporting that payment instrument in the future is worthwhile or if there
are any issues that could be addressed or eliminated to optimise processes. This
highlights the importance for merchants to have an open relationship with a
trusted partner who has the experience and expertise to understand local
consumer behaviour and preferences, local payment trends (e.g. changes in
regulations) and characteristics of different verticals
The 7 Habits Of Successful “New” Payments Leaders
Best practices and insights by industry front runner


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