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In early 2017, Bilal EL KOUCHE from Vente-privee went to the investment
committee to ask for a large investment to modernize the payments infrastructure
and with the expected benet of a 1-3% uplift in conversion rate as a result of this
payments investment. By January 2018, Vente-privee managed to increase the
auth rate by 3.5% and has now set an objective to achieve a card authorisation
rate in the range of 94%-96%.
Payments may not be the only criteria impacting customer preference for one
retailer over another. Quality of products and services, price and discounts, and
delivery exibility are all crucial elements. But where online businesses have
largely similar offerings, the quality of the Payments experience, encompassing
ease of use, exibility of terms, and choice of payment methods, becomes a
deciding factor inuencing customer decisions to complete a purchase.
Payments is seen as a source
of competitive advantage,
not as a cost centre anymore”
Thierry Locard
Senior manager, Global Payments at Netix.
Given the high level of competition and challenges with differentiation in much of
the ecommerce space, any competitive advantage that can be gained should be
seen as a signicant opportunity.
The 7 Habits Of Successful “New” Payments Leaders
Best practices and insights by industry front runner


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