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The Payment function has evolved far beyond its original focus as
an area primarily concerned with the cost of payments acceptance.
While it has always been an important business area, its inuence
and exposure within the wider business has undergone a
signicant transformation.
To explore the changing dynamics of the Payment function and it’s
growing role within organisations, Edgar, Dunn & Company and
SafeCharge have teamed up once again to revisit their research
‘The 7 Habits Of Successful “New” Payments Leaders’ in order to
quantify the active implementation of these seven habits by
To support this research, an online survey was conducted on 65
merchants from across the globe, who provide a diversied range
of goods and services (e.g. physical goods, travel and digital
goods/services). The survey identied how Payment managers are
actively implementing ‘The 7 Habits of Successful “New”
Payments Leaders’ and the benets of these habits.
From the results of this survey, it is clear that the Payment function
within online businesses continues to grow and become
increasingly integrated with other areas of the organisation.
Alongside this, the critical impact of payment experience on the
performance of the business has been recognised. The importance
of customer experience is something that merchants have
understood well, and they have focused considerable resources on
improving different stops along the customer journey, such as the
browsing experience and selecting products & services. However,
the payment experience is the nal impression an e-commerce
merchant can leave with their consumer, and sometimes it is the
last, not just the rst, impression that counts.
The Impact of the Payment Function Today
The Quantitative Insight Into the 7 Habits of Successful “New” Payments Leaders


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