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Reconciliation Manager
Reconciliation Manager
Reports Only
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SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager provides
accurate reporting of mismatches across multiple
payment providers, banks and platforms. It is ideal
for businesses with existing resources that can
leverage Reconciliation Manager reports and
handle reconciliations.
Reconciliation Manager+ is an end to end
managed service that gives businesses an
overview of account balances for all payment
methods in a single, integrated report, giving them
more control over their revenues.
Businesses receive thorough daily and monthly
reports of the mismatches across providers
enabling them to manage reconciliations and save
revenues that would have otherwise been lost.
Businesses not only receive the reports of
mismatches across all providers, but payment
reconciliation is managed by an experienced team.
The team actively connects with the relevant
payment solution providers to address and resolve
the mismatches.
Mismatched transaction revenues
“We process tens of millions of transactions and need to reconcile information from
various banks, gateway provides, corporate and acquiring bank, and internal systems.
SafeCharge Reconciliation Manager+ has automated the process, freeing up resources
from what was a tedious and manual task prone to human error”.
Gett noticed discrepancies
between gures shown in their
back ofce and what appeared
on their bank statement.
SafeCharge Reconciliation
Manager identied the exact
missing transactions that
appeared as approved on the
merchant's side, however, were
missing on the bank statement.
By reconciling their settlements
automatically, Reconciliation
Manager ensured that the
correct amounts were received
without delay.
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