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Payment Outage Nightmares
Cost of Payment Outages
Minimising Payment Outages
2. Find a service provider with a proven track record of high uptime
To consistently manage the system uptime levels, the infrastructure needs to be robust and
completely redundant. This happens only when advanced technology is put in place to keep
systems updated and uptime monitored. Various service providers have different methods in
which they maintain uptime. One of the most effective ways to do it is to adopt the ‘Always – on’
approach by using two or more full capacity data centres.
These data centres should be situated at different geolocations complete with data
synchronisation to cater to worldwide businesses. So, in case of a failover, there is always a
backup centre to ensure there is no interruption for the business. A service provider working on
‘Always-On’ policy ensures that your business is up and running even during the peak, high trafc
seasons throughout the year.
3. Insist on zero downtime due to maintenance
A reliable payments service provider has a robust and well monitored infrastructure. This means
regular updates and maintenance, but these maintenances should never affect a business relying
on the payments infrastructure. Any reliable payment service provider should be able to maintain
its infrastructure without causing system downtime that affects its customers. They can do this
by using either backup servers or an ‘Always-on’ approach.
4. Ensure that you have 24x7 support
System failures may occur, but what is crucial for your business is instant action by the service
provider. A round-the-clock support system ensures that the issues are reported and xed right
away, drastically minimising or stopping any possible downtime. A quick response and action also
means that your customers can continue on their shopping journey with minimum glitches.
Service outages cause immense nancial losses. But it does not end there, businesses also
lose their hard-earned customers, the brand’s reputation suffers a downfall and it also
negatively affects the online rankings. It is therefore important for businesses to select a
payments service provider that not only offers the number of 99.99% uptime but has a
proven track record of doing so.
Zero Payments Downtime. Myth or reality?
Key ndings about payment service outages in Europe and how to avoid them.


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