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Chinese shoppers abroad:
A new type of customer
Part 2
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Part 4
6. Owning western goods is a matter of prestige
In China being the owner of Western goods, especially luxury ones, is a public conrmation of your private
and professional success in life. Furthermore, Chinese shoppers tend to think that foreign-made goods are
better than Chinese-made ones. Add to this, the many stories about Chinese factories using awed or illegal
material to cut costs further strengthening these perceptions. Especially if we talk about luxury goods,
Chinese consumers do not trust their own domestic goods and are happier to get their purchases abroad.
8. Chinese tourists are very tech-savvy.
Chinese tourists are much more tech-savvy than their Western counterparts. It is therefore easy to
understand why Chinese travellers have very high expectations when it comes to gathering information
online. Besides browsing on the corporate websites, they will try to collect opinions and recommendations
on Baidu, WeChat and other social media channels where peers and opinion leaders share rst-hand info
and experience about brands and products.
Preparing your business to welcome Chinese shoppers.
A guide to understand and get started with Chinese payment methods.


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