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Chinese shoppers abroad:
A new type of customer
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
for comparisons and they collect far more information
they can get instant answers to all their questions.
about goods and sellers than shoppers elsewhere.
This is very different from buyers in other regions of
Giant online marketplaces have been busy in nding a
the world who are ne with a standardised shopping
way to mitigate this sense of insecurity. Premium
experience and prefer to contact merchants only
websites as Taobao Marketplace and are
when they face an issue.
now offering escrow-based e-payment as well as
shoppers to connect with merchants in real-time, so
4. They rely on social media and what their friends say about products
No other category of shoppers in the world rely so heavily on product recommendations from online
reviewers as the Chinese. They are constantly looking for peer-to-peer suggestions and pay minute
attention to what others say on social networks when they shop. Peter Stein, global CEO of Razorsh,
highlighted this key difference in a recent Forbes column. He mentioned that 75% of Chinese internet users
post online feedback on their purchases at least once a month, compared to less than 20% in the States.
There are now more than 300 million people [in China] who
move forward with purchasing a product only after getting
consent from their peers via social media and e-commerce forums.”
Stein wrote, making social media the “key pillar of all engagement for successful brands looking to attract
Chinese customers.”
5. They are into brands but not brand loyal
Loyalty to a brand is not part of the Chinese culture, at least not yet. Chinese people typically choose among
several brands instead of sticking to a specic one. In the past 20 years new brands and explosion of choices
are pushing traditional brands out of picture, as a result none of the current crop of customers buy the same
brands as their parents. Another reason behind this lack of favourites is the fact that Chinese love novelties
and best prices, so even if they are conscious of brands, they are not necessarily loyal to them.
Preparing your business to welcome Chinese shoppers.
A guide to understand and get started with Chinese payment methods.


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