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The meteoric rise in the number of Chinese travellers is a clear trend which
continues year after year. In 2017, more than 130 million mainland Chinese
citizens travelled around the globe and their total spending overseas was around
USD 115 billion. Business across industries are waking up to the huge number of
new potential customers with a high spending power.
While exploring the world, Chinese travellers bring with them their unique habits
in terms of eating, shopping and – of course – paying for these activities. Recent
research has proved that ¾ of Chinese consumers pay via QR codes daily. Their
preference for mobile payments over cards or cash means that businesses
wanting to engage this potential mass of spenders need to update their payment
acceptance approach and welcome Chinese customers with the most common
digital payment methods available in their country.
To turn Chinese shoppers into customers, businesses need to understand who
Chinese shoppers are and the reasons behind their preferences. This guide aims
to answer all these questions, with a special focus on Europe, and provide insights
on how to easily get started with Alipay and WeChat Pay.
Today, China is a huge laboratory for any kind of experiment in terms of buying
and paying. China gives us a glimpse into the future of what will happen next in
the rest of the world. Payments via mobile phone will soon be a standard all
around the globe, so the sooner merchants get familiar with this kind of
technology the better will be their competitiveness and attractiveness towards a
growing mass of shoppers, regardless of their nationality.
Preparing your business to welcome Chinese shoppers.
A guide to understand and get started with Chinese payment methods.


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