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SafeCharge’s vision is to answer the call of these new payments leaders and offer them control to manage their
payment strategy. SafeCharge aims to give its customers a competitive edge by offering the most advanced payments
services and by enabling more omni-channel commerce, improving reach and facilitating & delivering innovation.
SafeCharge has developed the industry’s first Native+ Payments Engine. Native, because it has been
built from the ground-up as a platform to cover the full payment value chain, providing merchants with
the superior performance of an end-to-end secure payment processing solution. And + because it also
enables connections to other payment and risk management partners. The combination of a proprietary
solution with open access to third party partners is unique in the market and define the foundation of
SafeCharge’s value proposition to unleash the transformational capabilities of modern payments
technology for merchants; putting them in control and empowering them to achieve more.
SafeCharge is constantly broadening its product portfolio with solutions that meet specific market
demands. Recently launched products include:
Marketplace Manager: a solution to manage all marketplace payments
Reconciliation Manager: a solution that enables merchants to reconcile payments and verify fees
from several payment partners
Identity Manager: a solution to smoothly authenticate customers online
In response to the evolution of the role of Payments leaders, taking control of their payments,
SafeCharge works towards solutions which will enable merchants to manage their acquirers routing,
configure and define their fraud prevention settings and more.
Next to its innovative value proposition, SafeCharge also differentiates by offering one of the largest
payment method portfolios in the market, making it easy for its international customers to provide a
seamless buying experience all around the world. With over 150 payment methods, SafeCharge
continuously connects new methods. The first payment company to enable WeChat Pay at the point of
sale in the United Kingdom, SafeCharge was also one of the first to enable Visa Check Out and Visa Direct
for its customers.
SafeCharge believes that payment leaders have a crucial role to play within organisations, contributing
to not only increased revenues but also delivering the best customer experience which becomes a key
component of brands traction. SafeCharge understands the evolution of the payment function within
companies and dedicates its efforts to work closely with payments managers to chart a new course for
the future of payments.
The 7 Habits Of Successful “New” Payments Leaders
Best practices and insights by industry front runner


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